COLLABREATE.EDA | collabreate to create



collabreate enforces Brand Standardization by ‘serving’ latest styling parameters to Users from within the MS Office Ribbon bar.


Most often, when changes are made to the Company’s styling specifications in sync with re-branding, these specifications are stored in a central repository and users are notified by mail. The users are expected to pick up the styling specifications from the central repository each time they create a new presentation. Some Companies have branding ‘Police’, a dedicated team that enforces brand conformity. Enforcing branding discipline is costly and time consuming.


collabreate helps remain compliant by serving the users with the latest branding parameters. When changes are made to the parameters, that is stored in a central repository. Every time a PowerPoint presentation on Word file is opened, it checks for any changes for branding standards in the central repository and pulls the most recently changed specifications. So collateral created are always in conformance.Further, the administrators have a flexibility to specify these parameters at the organization level. The Marketing organization can have its own styling which is different from the Finance organization, but both are served their respective parameters.