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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


How different is the use of this tool from collaborating via the Enterprise Content Management System.

This tool is complementary to the ECM in that it helps in collaborating for content creation and federating the created content back to the ECM System.


Who else in the industry is using to solve similar problem?

Most of the organizations with multi-disciplinary teams (Corporate Planning, Corporate Communications, Corporate Finance, Marketing and Sales) and geographically spread out teams , use the tool to maintain brand consistency, collaborate in real time for content creation and increase productivity tremensously


What is the ROI of using the tool?

One hour of analyst time freed up to concentrate on content v/s formatting during the entire year will pay for the licensing cost


Why is it different from the other seemingly identical ones?

Users working to create content can federate it through the central repository, without leaving the application, for other users or teams to work in future without diluting brand consistency. The tool also allows users to collaborate in real-time using IM (Instant Messaging) without leaving the application thus providing a wholesome experience !


Can there be custom ‘Themes’ or is it locked down.

Users can add their custom ‘Themes’ and ‘Theme’ Sensitive ‘Templates’ via the Configurator on the Ribbon Bar.


Can the Styling parameters be changed per Company’s branding standards by the Client or has it to be programmed by the manufacturer. What happens if wrong parameters are entered ?

Users will be able to update Styling parameters as per branding mandates. To ensure standardization, this ability could be limited to designated ‘Admin’ users. If wrong parameters are entered, Users can either Restore the application to factory settings in one click or overwrite the parameters and " Save ".


Where is all the data stored and where are the templates stored

The data and templates are stored in separate files/folders in the Company’s Electronic Content Management System. If Company does not have a Central Content Repository, these assets can be stored in a File Folder.


How am I ensured that I get the latest Styling parameters

The application checks with the Content Repository every time it is opened and will obtain the latest parameters as of that instant.


How is the created content ‘Federated’?

The created content is shared from within the application by pushing it back to the central repository and sending an alert to user groups via email client, both of which happen in one click on the ribbon bar.


How can users Collaborate in real time

The application provides the ability to connect to the Company’s Instant Messenger from within the application..


What is the Report Integration feature. Is it limited to Excel . How is it different from Paste Excel Link?

  • Report Integration means we can use the Excel Reports/Data into the PowerPoint Slides automatically by adding that slide from the Template Library
  • Paste Excel Link will paste the content copied from the Excel and will update it if the source is updated.

Can the application be customized to present reports from other Reporting applications or is it limited to Excel

Yes, the application can be custom designed to handle reports from other sources as well .