COLLABREATE.EDA | collabreate to create



One click controls added to the Ribbon bar invoke custom macros providing additional functionality and eliminates cumbersome formatting procedures with one click operation..


collabreate offers three types of Custom Controls:

  • Macro Controls for Formatting – These controls provide one click functionality for often used formatting tasks like resizing of objects, cleaning of text within a text box, swapping positions of objects etc.
  • Macro Controls for Conformance – These controls, when invoked apply a pre-formatted object on the collateral. Like a preformatted text box which will insert a text box at a particular position on the slide with particular font, font size, color etc. All text box formatting parameters like bulleting, indentation, line spacing, paragraphing etc are all pre-fixed. So when user invokes this text box on the collateral any content that is created within the text box will have the same styling parameters. This is configurable and can be changed at will.
  • Macro Controls for ease of use: Preparation of collateral is often delayed because some ‘artifacts’ have to be constantly searched –either online or in the content repository. These and other ‘calling attention’ parameters like ‘Comment Box’, ‘Wrap around’, ‘To be Updated stamp’, ‘Draft Stamp’ are all useful little tools that speed up the process of content creation, at the same time making an impression on the consumer