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Customer Success Stories


Find out how collabreate helped a multi-billion organization to standardize their content creation process.



The organization is the one of the largest electricity companies based in USA . Over years, the organization has grown over by inorganic acquisitions thus creating silos



The organization needed to have uniform styling across all the collateral created to be in conformity with the Company’s branding standards. Precious analyst time had to be optimized towards content creation rather than ‘formatting’ to meet these standards. The Challenge to remain in conformance was even higher when standards were evolving



The organization initially implemented collabreate among a sample set of users for maintaining corporate brand consistency across various departments. Over a period of time, an internal survey found out that disparate teams were not only satisfied with the tool but also were able to reduce turn around time between inception to completion of projects. The tool provided a better collaboration platform , in the process, enhancing both the efficiency and effectiveness during digital content creation